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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Response to Daniel Nairn's "Little Rock Creek"

Let's call this one: "North of Logan's Pass"

...I don't belong in Central Minnesota. Why am I so drawn to large outcroppings of rock and slag?



Blogger Daniel Nairn said...

Ah ... the beautiful Glacier national park. This must be from a previous year, because I really doubt you can get through the snow yet.

Hey, but you've got the boundary waters. I must admit to a little daydreaming about bringing our canoe out there for a few days.

9:42 AM

Blogger Alex said...

It's from last October. From what I hear nobody is going to be going up there for quite some time. I guess several places along the "Going-to-the-Sun Road" were washed out not long after we were there. At least on the west side of the pass.

Hey, you ever get the itch to hit the BWCA give me a shout! I haven't been there since high school and would love to have an excuse to get up there. I tend to hug the North Shore of Superior these days. Splendid in it's own right, but not nearly remote enough for my tastes.

10:00 AM

Blogger Alex said...

Does anyone other than myself wish you were standing in this picture? I've been coming back to it periodically thought the day, just wishing I was there!

12:02 PM


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