"What embitters the world is not excess of criticism, but an absence of self-criticism." - G.K. Chesterton

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A little much, don't you think?

I just have to ask: Who's the person from the U.K. that has been on this blog for two and a half hours so far and has viewed over 42 pages. Is your head about ready to explode yet?

Just curious.



Blogger Rev. Dr. Incitatus said...

I bet it's Richard Dawkins. He's in our base stealing our book deals.

2:45 PM

Blogger Alex said...

We have book deals?


2:59 PM

Blogger Matt M said...

Hmmm, I wouldn't put too much faith in sitemeter (no pun intended). I've noticed before that it sometimes joins recent visits by the same person together - so it could've been someone popping back every twenty minutes/half an hour or so (as I do when the comments are coming thick and fast).

4:39 AM

Blogger Alex said...

Awww, common Matt. Way to kill the drama.

6:22 AM

Blogger Matt M said...

Sorry. :-(

6:25 AM


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